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LA needs to stop with the talk of Odom going to the Lakers

In the past few weeks no one has been in the news more than Lamar Odom. It was reported by TMZ that Odom has a drug problem and is having trouble in his marriage with Khloe Kardashian. Odom had trouble with drugs in the past.
Now in LA there are talks of should the Lakers bring Lamar back to the Lakers. To me this shouldn't even be a discussion because he is having a difficult time with hard drugs. For Odom to be back in the NBA he needs to be clean and find a way to maintain his drug problem. This is not the time, he needs to work things out with his wife, his drug problem and anything else that might be wrong. The Lakers could step in and try to help him but only if he wants to help himself. When he does all of these things than he could go to the NBA and most likely the Lakers.