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Cowboys improve their offensive line with the signing of Brian Waters

Over the course of the offseason the cowboys have had some weaknesses. No other weakness were more glaring on the Cowboys than the offensive line. One person they could not determine where to put him on the line was Doug Free. Free was highly touted when he was a left tackle and moved him to right tackle but he got worse and wasn't worth the money. He had lined up at guard and it could be a possibility that he might make the move to guard.

Now with the Cowboys signing Waters this could be hopeful that the offensive line will be a lot better. with the offensive line getting better this will give DeMarco Murray (cowboys running back) more running lanes and improve their 31st ranked rushing attack. this will also help Romo get more time in the pocket and he is on the brink if not already there as an elite quarterback.
Waters made a smart decision by not going to the dreadful training camp and getting his money. Depending on his conditioning he can be a Pro bowl player like he was with the Chiefs and the Patriots and be big for the Cowboys.