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NFL media choosing who they want to criticize

Over the course of this year Rex Ryan has been an easy target for the media to criticize. He is a clown for predicting that his team is going to the super bowl, what else is he suppose to say "no our team is not good enough for the super bowl" that's just stupid. So now because they are not good anymore the media wants to act like this is a great team and it's not because of Rex.
Now the news for today is Rex Ryan left cut day to go see his son possible play at the Clemson vs Georgia game. For those who don't know Rex's son is a walk on receiver for Clemson who didn't play that game. So the media's gripe about Rex this time is that he didn't go see the cut players. So Rex was suppose to go to check up on cut players rather than see his son possibly play. Would the media love it if Rex came in and give the players a standing ovation and give them stickers for there hard work? these are grown men if they didn't make the team they didn't make the team. He wasn't exactly heartless in this situation.

Where is the criticism for Bill Belichick when he released a player a day before the super bowl? Talk about heartless.There wasn't much criticism except for a couple people like Michael Wilbon. Do you know what you get when Belichick does this, you get hey that's football Belichick knows what he's doing. Let's imagine if Rex did this, what would the reaction be? the reaction would be like if the world was ending and it was Rex's fault. So when the media does criticize people just look at their history and see if they are doing the same thing to other players/coaches or are they just hypocritical like most of the media.