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Michael Beasley released and what might be next

For weeks we have been anticipating for the Phoenix Suns to release Michael Beasley after his arrest for felony marijuana possession. It looks like it maybe any day now because the suns probably waited until after September 1 because they first will pay him the 6 million owed to him this year then stretch out the rest of his guaranteed money over a period of time

Now what could be next for Beasley? there is no question that he's still very talented but he's a knucklehead. He most likely wouldn't sign with a terrible team because they don't want the headache and have a terrible season. Right now what makes sense for him is to go to an established team like the Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs or Los Angeles Lakers. For the cynical minds out there I wouldn't be surprised if a team like the Sacramento Kings signed him because they love knuckleheads.
He is a very talented player and let's hope he doesn't fizzle out of the league because of these things.