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The Knicks-Nets rivalry will be nothing more than an improvement on Clippers-Lakers

Since the New Jersey Nets became the Brooklyn Nets they have tried to start a rivalry between them and the Knicks to see which team reigns supreme in New York. Unfortunately how I see this is just an improvement on the Lakers-Clippers "rivalry" in that the Knicks and the Lakers will always be the city's favorite team and anything the other teams do short of winning 2 championships in 5 years will not be enough
One of the newest acquisition of the Brooklyn Nets was Paul Pierce. He was long time member of the Boston Celtics and at the press conference I talked about beating the knicks. this is very common amongst players who leave their team. For example say a player is on the Celtics he would hate either the knick or the Lakers maybe even both. but if he gets traded now they hate the rival of their team.  
There is a chance that both the Clippers and the Nets could attract new fans. 1) I think the only way they could attract new fans is that they become successful and gather the bandwagon fans on their side. this would most likely work for the Nets and not the Clippers because the Knicks have not won in a very long time so that heartache that the Knick fans have could make them turn into Nets fans.
You can also tell which team has the pulse of the city by which Celebrities are at the games. the Lakers have Jack, Denzel, George Lopez etc. the Clippers have Bill Simmons and Billy Crystal. the Knicks have Spike lee, Ben and Jerry Stiller etc. As of right now the NEts had Jay Z but at the time he was a part owner so he would not count other than Jay Z I don't reaaly know who goes to the Nets games. so right there the name value goes to the Lakers and the Knicks so they will always have the pulse of the city but since the Knicks don't have 17 championships like the Lakers the Nets can creep in for that title.