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How ESPN and Skip Bayless killed the career of Tim Tebow

Well I'm sure people know by now that Tim Tebow has been released by the New England Patriots but there is a case you can make that ESPN and mostly Skip Bayless is to blame for the potential demise of Tim Tebow's career.

During Tebow's career at the University of Florida, he was arguably the best college football player of all time. That didn't mean that it would translate in his NFL career. In fact it was the total opposite. When Tebow entered the NFL draft a lot of people suggested that Tim should change positions and be a fullback, halfback, or a tight end. Tebow didn't listen to them and wanted to continue his dream of being an NFL quarterback. Tebow entered the draft and Mel Kiper (NFL draft analyst) thought Tebow should be a 4th round pick. Surprisingly he was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first round. His first year was very ordinary. He sat behind Kyle Orton for most of the year except for the final three games, where it didn't mean anything.

His 2nd year was the year that blew up the sports world. The Denver Broncos had started 1-3 and now John Fox put in Tebow after fans were clamoring for him to start. During this run it is known as Tebowmania. For those who don't know Tebowmania, what it's about is Tebow takes the 1-3 Broncos and unconventionally won games and got them to the playoffs. In the media side of things this was charged by none other than Skip Bayless. If you were to listen to what Skip Bayless said about Tebow, you would think this guy is a Hall of Famer but he's a terrible starting quarterback to be kind.

Here is where you can blame ESPN. After the season the Broncos didn't want Tebow anymore and asked Tim where did he want to go and he chose the JETS. This was supposed to be Tebow laying low and refining his skills to be a better Quarterback but he was a distraction the whole year and ESPN covered every second of it. Every time Tebow would do something ESPN would cover it. They had Sal Paolantonio go to Jets camp because of Tebow. ESPN and other media markets did whatever it took to make Tebow news. The photo that you see was on a New York Newspaper and ESPN was happy to cover this topic.

After the disaster year with the Jets he went to the Patriots and we know what happens next, He gets cut. Tebow's NFL career could be over because of the distraction that ESPN and the ringleader behind Tebowmania, Skip Bayless. He can never be a backup because no matter how much he stinks up the joint. There will be clamor from Skip Bayless and ESPN for him to start, so they can have news no matter how much this may irritate people.