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Abner Mares puts time off on hold and wants a rematch with Jhonny Gonzalez in 2013

Last week we saw one of the biggest upsets of the year when Jhonny Gonzalez knocked out pound for pound contender Abner Mares in the 1st round. after the fight Mares was very classy and he told Jim Gray in his post fight interview that he wanted to take some time off.
Well things looked like they changed because Abner told Richard Schaefer that he is invoking his rematch with jhonny and wants it by the end of the year. This can go one of two ways either he fights Jhonny again dominates and makes the 1st fight look like a fluke or Jhonny knocks out Mares again and that could damage his career.
Also Golden Boy has few top level fighters in the weight class that Mares is in. Mares is taking a risk and he is willing to roll the dice. Let's see if it pays off or does he crap out.