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Hypocrisy with the NCAA when it comes to the Johnny Manziel ruling.

Over the last couple of weeks college football has been in the news but for all the wrong reasons. the biggest news to come out during this time was Johnny Football or Johnny Manziel has been accused of signing memorabilia in exchange for cash. Some time after that accusation there was about 4000 signed memorabilia by Manziel all across the internet. He denied that he was paid (but let's be real he got his money for the autographs)

It hasn't been the first time a player has been suspended because they got benefits off their name. Terrell Pryor and other teammates at Ohio State sold their memorabilia in exchange for some tattoos and because of this they were suspended for 5 games. Pryor didn't serve the suspension because he left for the NFL.

A.J. Green was suspended for 4 games because he had sold his jersey for money. Also Dez Bryant was suspended for10 games because he had lied to the NCAA that he had dinner with Deion Sanders. Also Cam Newton's father was reported as trying to offer his son to play for the school that offers him the most money. NCAA declared that Cam Newton is eligible to play

So when the ruling came down the NCAA had met with Manziel for six hours and came to a conclusion that Manziel should only be suspended for half of 1 game. To me this is just a way for the NCAA to make themselves a lot of money because of Johnny Football and for him to play in possible the biggest game of the year Texas A&M vs. Alabama.

Where the hypocrisy comes in is 1) the amount of games that Manziel got compared to the other Athletes. 2) After the meeting with Manziel the NCAA came to a conclusion right away. There is a investigation with the University of Miami that they are still waiting 3 years and counting for a ruling regarding people paying players at that school.

There is another reason why this suspension was so light that no one is mentioning. Besides A.J. Green all of the other participants that I have mentioned does not play for the SEC. In the World of College Football the SEC is king and everybody else is beneath them. So why let the Quarterbacks of SEC teams play that's easy they make money CBS and ESPN have massive TV deals with the NCAA to show SEC football games.

Hypocrisy and the NCAA is like chocolate and peanut butter it's a perfect match. There are other things that I could point to the Hypocrisy of the NCAA (maybe that will be a different post for another day) So the lesson might be, if you want to get paid while playing football maybe you should try the SEC.