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The overeaction to the mob mantality for Steve Mazzagatti

In the World of MMA, there are a couple problems with the sports. those two things would be bad judges and bad referees. for the judges who do you publicize who is the ones with the bad scorecards. As for the referees, when they make a mistake you will hear an outcry of criticism. The face of that criticism is none other than referee Steve Mazzagatti. Steve Mazaagatti is a referee who is known for stopping fights too early and will often make mistakes during a fight. Most of the negative feedback comes from the president of the UFC Dana White.

On August 22, 2013 Chuck Mindenhall wrote an article called On Official Island: The Lonely life of Steve Mazzagatti where he writes about the human side to Steve Mazzagatti. He writes about how Steve works for he works for Las Vegas County Fire risking his life every time he goes into action. 

To defend Steve Mazzagatti, I think the criticism seems to be harsh. if you look at the Jon Jones-Matt Hamill fight Did Jon Jones throw illegal elbows? yes he did. Does he sort of stop fights early? yes he does but that is a lot better than a referee that stops a fight too late and gives the losing fighter unnecessary damage. His most recent controversial situation was the Jon Fitch Josh Burkman where Burkman had Fitch in a choke, Fitch was unconscious and Burkman let go of the choke right away. The only thing you can say that Mazzagatti did wrong was that he was on the wrong side, Other than that just you really can't blame him. The Dana White comments about him are just personal when he said "Mazzagatti is a clueless idiot who will hurt someone and continue to ruin guy's Legacies".

For those who haven't read the article I would really recommend you read this article and here is a link below