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Are high expectation fair for Adrien Broner?

Adrien Broner's trainer Mike Stafford says people expect too much out of Broner. So my question to him would be who's fault is that? Broner has brought all the expectations on himself. He walks around and tries to copy the same blueprint that got Floyd Mayweather successful, make people who love you and hate you buy your PPV fights. The thing is with Broner he's halfway there. Other than his entourage and the Al Haymon support team which includes the Watson twins that just follows the fighter where ever he goes, there aren't many Broner supporters. The way he conducts himself makes you think is this guy really such a dick? 
Over the course of the Malignaggi tour, one topic came up that involved both fighters. a young women who was supposedly Malignaggi's side chick decided to sleep with Broner and that caused a stir between the two. After their fight as a classy fighter Malignaggi was nothing but respectful until Broner said in his post fight press conference "I took his belt and his girl". He even makes his father brush his hair after the fight which to me is just stupid.
So does Broner deserve the high expectations? yes I believe he does. When you go around trying to be the next Floyd Mayweather talking about staying undefeated like its a big deal considering Al Haymon gave him nothing but cakewalks except for Daniel Ponce De Leon and Paulie Mailgnaggi(where in both fights there were controversial decisions),  talking all the S**t he does then high expectation should be in order for the next "superstar of boxing".