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Fake Outrage When It Comes To The Ray Rice Situation

The biggest sports story of the week has not been the opening weekend of the NFL season but instead it's about Ray Rice and his video. TMZ was the first to show what happened between Ray Rice and his then fiancé Janay Palmer. The video showed Ray Rice striking Janay and knocking her out.

The aftermath of this was outrage against Ray Rice. The Baltimore Ravens released Ray Rice right after the media aired the incident. Many people have talked about the Ray Rice incident and rightly so, were all against domestic violence. This was no longer a sports story but a national story having people outside of sports commentating about the situation. President Barak Obama even chimed in saying Ray Rice isn't a real man.

Soon after, the national media and the national public took their sights off Ray Rice and now have a new target in Roger Goodell. Many people have talked negatively about Roger Goddell and the NFL because they had given Ray Rice a 2 game suspension. Yesterday an AP story came out saying that someone had given the Ray Rice video to the NFL offices and has a voicemail confirming they have the video. With that news coming out the mob mentality is now trying to get Roger Goddell to be removed as the commissioner of the NFL.

This is a dangerous topic because no one can be pro domestic violence. Besides the people who have spook about this situation that have had experienced domestic violence, the majority of the people talking about the situation are having fake outrage. What I mean by that is the people taking about the Ray Rice situation, they don't care about Ray Rice or his fiancé. When this story is over people won't be concerned about Ray Rice or Janay Palmer unless another controversy happens.


If we look at the whole situation, Why is Roger Goodell getting the most criticism even though he handed out the hardest punishment to Ray Rice? Where is the outrage for the Atlantic City law enforcement for only giving Ray Rice a misdemeanor considering they had seen the video of what happened in the video? Where are all these people criticizing not talking about Ray Macdonald or Greg Hardy? considering all of these questions I had presented you can make a fair argument that this is all fake outrage.

Tell me what you think about the situation or this article.  Please comment below.