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Why Is Everyone So Pessimistic About Arsenal?

This current premier league season so far looks like it will be a 6 horse race (if you include Manchester United). Earlier in the season, based on all of the pundits, you would think that it is a forgone conclusion that Manchester City would win the title. Fast forward a couple of weeks and City is no longer the powerhouse wrecking the league. At this point, Liverpool seems to be the leader in the race. After a 0-0 draw vs. Manchester United, people weren't as confident in Liverpool as they were a couple of weeks ago. Now, the sexy pick seems to be Chelsea. Since changing their formation to a 3-4-3, Chelsea has been scoring goals for fun and keeping clean sheets. 

Throughout the season Arsenal hasn't really been mentioned confidently by anybody as a team that could win the title even though they deserve to be. After the 1st week of the season, Arsenal lost to Liverpool 4-3. After this loss, based on some of the pundits, the conclusion was this is same old Arsenal and they can't win the title. No matter what Arsenal do this season it is never going to be in a positive light. When they win a game, the response will be its early in the season we have to wait later in the season to see if this is a Different Arsenal. Arsenal's last 2 matches were draws vs Spurs and United. On face value, if you say you got  point vs. Spurs and United, it would be deemed as a good result. Looking inside each game, Arsenal was not impressive on the offensive side of the pitch but somehow ended up getting a draw in each match. 

Arsenal fans should be happy with what they have so far in the season, with additions like Shkodran Mustafi, he has made a significant impact on the team and being exponentially better than what they had last year in Per Mertesacker. Alexis Sanchez has been converted into a striker and it is paying off well. Something that Arsenal has this year that they didn't have last year is a plan B. Arsenal has the luxury of playing their possession with progression style nd if that doesn't work for that game Arsene Wenger can bring in Giroud and shift Alexis wide. 

The main difference between this year's Arsenal and last years Arsenal is that they have been more resilient and grinding to get results. We have seen Arsenal multiple times this season either get a win with a late goal or getting a point because they got a late goal. All of these results can be deemed as positives because Arsenal in years pasts, probably wouldn't get the result  and would have gotten the loss. Something that should be mentioned is that, since the 1st-week loss to Liverpool, Arsenal hasn't lost since. Arsene Wenger wants his team to play with "style and steel" and right now, this team has a lot of steel. 



Ronda Rousey's using Floyd Mayweather's name to increase her brand

Over the past year or so, Ronda Rousey has said on numerous platforms that she could beat pound for pound #1 pay-per-view superstar, Floyd Mayweather in a mma fight. Multiple people around the UFC has agreed with the notion that Ronda would beat Mayweather in a mma fight. Mayweather's response when asked about it was "he didn't know who he was"

Fast forward a year later at this year's espy's and Ronda Rousey won fighter of the year and said to Mayweather "How does it feel to get beat by a women" (referencing his domestic violence past). This generatesd a lot of buzz in sports media.

Now today's news features Rousey now saying she would beat Floyd in a no rules fight. Rousey has said this similar statement a year back but now wants to generate more news but attaching her name on to the biggest star in combat sports in Floyd Mayweather.  

Richard Sherman Exposes Hypocritical NFL

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman along with Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin held a parody press conference where they backed teammate Marshawn Lynch and at the same time revealed the NFL for their hypocritical acts

This video is really good and here it is