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Ronda Rousey's using Floyd Mayweather's name to increase her brand

Over the past year or so, Ronda Rousey has said on numerous platforms that she could beat pound for pound #1 pay-per-view superstar, Floyd Mayweather in a mma fight. Multiple people around the UFC has agreed with the notion that Ronda would beat Mayweather in a mma fight. Mayweather's response when asked about it was "he didn't know who he was"

Fast forward a year later at this year's espy's and Ronda Rousey won fighter of the year and said to Mayweather "How does it feel to get beat by a women" (referencing his domestic violence past). This generatesd a lot of buzz in sports media.

Now today's news features Rousey now saying she would beat Floyd in a no rules fight. Rousey has said this similar statement a year back but now wants to generate more news but attaching her name on to the biggest star in combat sports in Floyd Mayweather.  

Richard Sherman Exposes Hypocritical NFL

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman along with Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin held a parody press conference where they backed teammate Marshawn Lynch and at the same time revealed the NFL for their hypocritical acts

This video is really good and here it is 

Is Adam Silver On A Slippery Slope With His Rulings?

Danny La-USA TODAY Sports
Danny La-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Silver and the NBA issued a 24 game suspension for Hornets forward Jeff Taylor for pleading guilty to a domestic violence charge. Jeff Taylor is a relatively unknown player except among diehard basketball fans. The NFL has had some problems with the national public with the way they are reacting to the domestic violence charges with notable players such as Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.

The 24 game suspension is sort of unprecedented this suspension is more than a quarter of the season. The NBA has stated that this will not be the new standard for domestic violence charges and will be taken in a case by case basis.

This could end up being a problem with the NBA when we see a high profile player get charged with a domestic violence. Adam Silver is still riding the public relations high of doing the "right" thing of banning former Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Adam Silver's reign as commissioner has sort of the same paths that Roger Goodell had. Roger came into the league as a law and order commissioner suspending guys like Tank Johnson and Adam "Pacman" Jones and getting praised for it. Adam is getting similar type praise for his actions on Donald sterling.

The NFL's players association has been vocal with criticism on Roger Goodell stating that he is punishing based on public reaction and doing things as he goes along. Adam Silver is getting criticized by the NBA's players association led by the new union director Michele Roberts.

Adam Silver is on a slippery slope and it will only take one mistake until the national public turns on Adam Silver just like they did to Roger Goodell.

What do you think is Adam Silver on a slippery Slope?